What is a Portable Treadmill?

With modern society trying to pursue a healthier lifestyle, a portable treadmill provides the option of a compact, portable and more affordable means of starting and/or maintaining a regular exercise regimen. A portable treadmill is a light weight and compact version of the traditional treadmill we usually see in homes, gyms and offices. It is designed to be used as the exercise machine that we traditionally know of except it is in a compact form intended for people who want a smaller more movable machine, want their own equipment when travelling or have no space to accommodate the traditional treadmill.

They usually come in two general models, electric and manual. Their easy set-up and folding mechanisms enable easier storage and maneuverability. Both electric and manual versions usually feature wheels to add to ease of movement. As a down-sized version of the traditional treadmill, the portable models are made of compact, light weight materials and usually come with travel carry-on cases.



Portable treadmills are designed to provide the same work-out expected from a normal treadmill but are smaller, occupy less space and are easy to pack and take along when travelling. It allows users the convenience of having a handy exercise machine that they are able to take with them when they want. With the same purpose and use as the traditional treadmill, the portable models basically allow users the opportunity to take their exercise equipment with them and do their work-out away from home or without having to visit their local gym.

For people who travel a lot, a portable treadmill provides the convenience of exercising in the privacy of your own hotel room without the stress or added expense of visiting a gym in the area. Its smaller size is also a plus for people with small living spaces and limited storage. They are easy to fold and store and usually fit in most closet and trunk spaces. Because of their smaller size, portable treadmills are generally more affordable than the bulkier traditional treadmill, allowing people with budget constraints the power to also afford their own fitness equipment.


Because of their smaller size, portable treadmills have limited features. They often have simple straight-forward consoles with basic options compared to a traditional treadmill. They also have fewer incline and workout programs and intensity options. A common complaint among portable treadmill users is lesser stability compared to their traditional cousins. Since portable treadmills are designed to be transported, they are more exposed to wear and tear from constant movement and exposure which often gives them a shorter “use” life when compared to stationary traditional treadmills. 


Portable treadmills allow users the ability to continue with their regular fitness routines even when on the go or when they are limited by budget or space issues.  With portable treadmill designs becoming more advanced and streamlined, these compact machines are fast becoming a popular choice for people who wish to continue with an exercise regimen or even for beginners who want to start living a healthier lifestyle, without having to worry about limited budgets or space and storage concerns.

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