Exercise while Traveling

If you travel much for work, like I do, and you care about your health, then it’s important to work out a fitness regime that works while you are on the road.

There are many ways to ensure you keep exercising on the road. Here are three of my favorite ways!

1. Use hotel gyms

Many hotels have their own gyms. This can be a very easy way to fit in a work out while traveling. Sometimes, this can work out very well if the hotel has a well equipped, accessible gym.

Unfortunately, many hotels do not. Although many advertise a gym, the standards can vary wildly. Equipment can be old and not operate well. There can be few machines. Some places even seem to like calling any small room a gym just because it has a skipping rope or some other poor excuse of equipment.

Your hotel gym probably won't look like this!

Your hotel gym probably won’t look like this!

If you want to take this route, I recommend you do your research into the hotels you book well to ensure a good gym.

2. Go for a run

If you are a runner, then going for a run while traveling can be a great way to get a work out and explore your surrounds. I have quite enjoyed running with locals where I have stayed near popular running paths.

The only problem with this approach to fitness on the road is if the weather is bad or you are staying somewhere that just isn’t suitable for running. Again, it’s important to do your research in advance.

3. Use a portable treadmill!

Of course my favorite way to exercise on the road had to make an appearance! I love traveling with a portable treadmill. It is just so convenient to have your own machine that you know how to use and is reliable. It also makes things easier and you don’t have to worry about bad weather or anything else. You are all set to go.

So there’s my list of ways to work out on the road. I’d love to hear your suggestions below!

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