How to Keep Fit with a Baby

After having a baby, it can be hard to keep fit. However, it is more important than ever especially if you want to shed those baby pounds. There are several ways to keep fit, but the easiest is with a portable treadmill right in your own home. This is especially a good option for people who like running, but are unable to go back to that yet. Remember, that jogging strollers are not suitable for babies until they are around 6 months old.

Why a portable treadmill?

It can be so hard to get out and about with a new baby. It can be hard to find time for a shower, let alone exercise! You need to make things as easy as possible for yourself. A portable treadmill is a perfect solution. It does not take up much space and it is there wherever you want it.

What to do with your baby?

One of the advantages of a portable treadmill is that it is very easy to keep your baby nearby while you work out. A solution that worked well for my sister was to use a Lotus Travel Crib (details here). This was ideal as it is small and lightweight so easy to carry around your house and packs up small.This means that you can place it next to where you are working out and then use it in other rooms later if you wish.

Baby can relax while you run

Baby can relax while you run

What is even better, however, is that your baby can both sleep and play in it, as it can double up as portable playard as they get older. This way your baby can nap if they are tired or, if they wake up while you are working out, they can play with some toys in your full vision.

Need an extra push?

If you have everything sorted at home but you are still struggling to fit in time to exercise and keep fit, then hire me! I work as an online personal trainer. We can communicate via Skype or email at times that are convenient. It may seem strange to hire a personal trainer online, but with skype, it is like we are in the same room and means you no longer need to leave the house. Contact me now.


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